Friday, November 4, 2011

Monthly Finds: October 2011

I've decided to start a new blog series of monthly posts, where I recap the cool finds I've come across throughout the month. Enjoy!

Melting crayons
I'd love to try this crafty project some time soon! I've never seen this before, so I thought it was really cool! Check it out here.
Even better - in light of the Halloween festivities, you can use that technique to decorate pumpkins in a very unique way. Look at what Jenny has done - doesn't it look awesome?!

A Starbucks proposal
The couple had their first date at Starbucks, and Shane recreated it in the woods. It's incredible - so much thought and so many little details went into it! Check it out here.

Around the World in 2000 Pictures
For all you travel junkies out there - this is for you!


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