Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Learn About Gemstones: Citrine

Citrine is November's birthstone, as well as the thirteenth wedding anniversary gemstone. It's a rare variety of quartz that contains traces of iron which are the main factor for its pale yellow to brown color. Citrine's color range also contributes to its name - from the Latin citrina, meaning "yellow," which is also the origin of the word citron, or lemon.

Natural citrine is rare to find. In ancient Europe, only the richest people were able to afford it, until the discovery of its sister gem – the amethyst. Under heat treatment, amethyst turns yellow due to a reduction of its oxidation, and resembles real citrine so much that only a trained specialist can recognize the difference of the two stones. Nowadays, burnt amethysts are the most commonly traded version of citrine.

Today, citrine can be found in Southern Brazil – the largest supplier of natural citrine, as well as in France, Madagascar, France, and the Soviet Union. Some US citrine mines are located in Colorado, North Carolina and California.

Citrine is said to enhance creativity, treat depression, promote happiness and optimism, and protect you from self-destructive habits. It is also believed to help detoxify your body and cleanse the blood. Embodying the power of the sun, this yellow gemstone gives its wearer spiritual healing and peace.

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